At Barre Evolution we want you to become your best self, so we’ve designed each class to help you reach that goal. Our instructors are all comprehensively certified to provide the variety and guidance necessary for helping participants of all levels challenge themselves and achieve results.

Our studio has a welcoming environment where we inspire you dig deep, work hard and have fun. Our method – proven to flatten abs, tone thighs and lift seats – will improve flexibility, sculpt your body and leave you long and lean.

Each class follows a 60-minute format:

  • 1st Quarter—warm-up and upper body conditioning
  • 2nd Quarter—thighs and stretching
  • 3rd Quarter—glutes and stretching
  • 4th Quarter—core-conditioning and abs with final stretching.

The sequencing and intensity level of each segment varies from class- to-class.

**Students should alert their instructors to injuries or conditions that may require modifications during class. 

Beginner Barre

It's all in the details at Barre Evolution! Everyone is welcome in this introduction and warm-up to the world of the Barre Evolution method. We’ll focus on the basics: alignment, positioning, technique and deep stretching. Instructors will spend a bit more time helping you learn proper form but don’t be fooled; one workout will leave you aching for more!

**As a new student, please arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of class so that you may be oriented to our facilities; and your fitness level and experienced can be discussed with class instructors. 

Open Barre

Everyone’s welcome at Open Barre where instruction is based on the level of class participants. We’ll be serving a dose of cardio, a few splashes of interval strength training and some even more challenging variations. Hard work is the flavor of this class, where in 60 minutes you’ll feel the effects of this potent fitness cocktail.

Express Barre (45 minutes)

For when you don’t have an hour but still need a lift, Express Barre serves up a double-shot of endorphins in just 45 minutes. With this accelerated format and quickened pace, we’ve condensed your favorite barre moves to bring you the ultimate burn. Bring your barre basics along, you’ll need ‘em!


Welcome to Prenatal Evolution! Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life and can be the most stressful. It's also the time that women feel the greatest need to stay fit. There is so much to learn, to prepare and plan for your baby's arrival. Life runs full speed ahead and all this excitement and stress can be overwhelming.

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Kids Room

Barre Evolution offers a supervised Kids Room several mornings a week (check schedule) for classes held in our Mount Pleasant location. Children ages 3 months – 1 year are welcome. The cost is $5 for one visit (or) $20 for five. Our Kids Room is staffed based on demand; please make reservations on line by clicking here, or by contacting us at (843) 654-9045. Space is limited and there is a 2-hour cancellation policy.

Have an older child? The Play Garden, right next door is perfect for you with special pricing for our class participants. Contact The Play Garden directly for availability and pricing at or (843) 606-2716.

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