The Method for Every Body.

What does being fit mean to you? More energy? Smaller dress size? Gaining a new shape or regaining the one that went south? There’s no consensus; it’s different for every woman. With you in mind,
we’ve uncovered the means to get you there. Combining over 20 years of experience, we've created The Method for Every Body. Because no matter what your definition of wellness, the Barre Evolution method will take you there—faster, safer, more effectively. 

Our approach is different.  Giving personal attention in a group setting, we inspire students to shift
their beliefs about what they can achieve.  We encourage progress over perfection. With only 2 -3 consistent visits a week, you can work out more efficiently and reap big benefits when you make
Barre Evolution part of your life. Our method works for every body – including those coming back
from injury or pregnancy. It also works for those who dislike routine and enjoy variety. Using only
a ballet barre for balance, small isometric movements and your own resistance, our method is 
a highly effective, total body workout that tightens, sculpts and elongates muscles, to create a
beautiful, lithe and lean body transformation.  

Visit us at 320 West Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant or 70 C Folly Road in West Ashley
and start your evolution today.

Barre Evolution. The Method for Every Body.™

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No. But inches will redistribute. Muscles that were sagging before will begin to lift, especially your seat! This could give you the illusion that your muscles are getting bigger but in fact your muscles are just toning!


"Took my first barre class last night. It was AWESOME!!! A little sore today but that is only making me want to come back for more."

L. O'Leary

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